Sunday, April 4, 2010

I Started this post On Easter...

Yep, that's what it's come many have asked why I don't post more, and it pretty simply comes down to 1. Laziness. 2. Busyness 3. Not much to say. I'm still here, and think about posting all the fact, I thought this post from Deb says it perfectly! Check it out, it's cute.

A quick catchup:
January 2010 came blowing in, and with it, a whirlwind of getting ready for our annual home leave trip, and for Larry to volunteer at the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, B.C. Lots of packing, shopping, clearing out and prep, until Larry left at the end of the month. He met up with his brother in Vancouver, and they had a busy few weeks before the families arrived. Beka and I joined the guys, me for a week, her for 3 (I think). It was such a blast...I highly recommend checking out Vancouver if you ever get the chance, it is so, so gorgeous there. I've fallen for the Pacific northwest, big time. Larry and I got the chance to see ice dancing, which was waaay too fun. I felt like a little kid, seeing the ice capades for the first time (yes, I know I just dated myself...I had the Dorothy Hamil haircut too, so???) And though my time there was short (6 days) I really got caught up in the olympic spirit. I'm really looking forward to participating in future games. Anyone have a house we can use in London, 2012? We're willing to swap!
I also got some good, quality Grammy/Annabella time. I stayed with Ryan and Annabella for a few days, before I shoved off to Detroit. To say it was fab is putting it lightly. She was an angel baby, as usual, and we had a blast. Larry and I bought her a new bed for her birthday (4!!) and I may have gone slightly overboard in the execution of the princess bed theme....well worth it though, her face was worth every penny and four hour web search. At one point someone said " see Annabella, now you really are a princess!" She replied, hand on her hip, cute red curls cocked to the side " Course I am!". There ya have it. Job accomplished, as far as I'm concerned.
From Seattle, I flew onto Detroit to spend time with my parents, friends and family. It was a shorter trip this go around, but it was super fun. The first week my mom took of work, so we did lots of stuff, just the three of us. It was nice to have my parents all to myself for a bit. I miss them all the time living over here, but when I get back home, it always becomes apparent just how much. Ya know? Same with Deb...we can skype, and chat all the time on the phone, but face to face time is precious. That goes for everyone I saw really....time there is short, and far between, so to be able to hold your babies (even if they are 5'5 and taller than me, and have bigger boobs) rub your pregnant bellies, have coffee in my jammies with you, listen to how your year was, read your child a bedtime story, share a meal, cry with you, or just sit with you, I take those moments, shove them down in my heart, and take them out, one by one, like the shells and sea glass we collect and look at them when I come back to this life in Singapore. Sometimes I wish for more, but usually, I'm just really grateful I got to have those moments with you, even if it was just for a bit.
One of the hi-lights of this trip was timing it perfectly (with a little rearranging) to be able to go to Chalfonte house this year for Women's weekend. I've been going since 2 weeks after my sister died, in 1996. It is a group of women, all from similar, but varied backgrounds, roughly the same age, but in varied stages of womanhood. There are single people, some married for 2o years, some widowed, and some newly married. New moms, or expecting, and moms of teenagers. There is a doctor, a few nurses, artists, insurance adjusters, stay at home moms and writers. Oh, and there is a really old guy that facilitates the whole thing and occasionally dresses in drag (that's a story for another day). There are usually about 12 of us, sometimes the cast of characters change slightly, but for the most part the core hasn't. I've missed the past 2 years. I was bummed about it, when it happened, but like most things in my life, if it's unpleasant, I just skate over it, trying no to feel it too much. Um, yeah...that bit me in the ass. Being there was such a spirit lifter. I didn't know how much I needed it. I need those women, who laugh with me, cry with me, and even though I am a gazillion miles away, hold me up and support me, even when I think I am alone. Something pretty special happens when you get us all in the same room. Sure, it's loud. Chocolate is flying, someone is probably beating someone in backgammon, there is laughter, tears, a little wine. Walls come down, and spirits that were sagging, lift a little. When someone is doing great, we celebrate, when someone is struggling, we lift them up, and when someone is too damn proud to admit they need support, we push. Grateful doesn't seem like a big enough word for my women's weekend ladies. They have woven an invisible net around me, and really, I feel the love and support from here. I may not be able to go next year, but I know I need to try.
I'm pretty grateful for facebook these days too. Say what you will about the social networking site that can suck time and allow old boyfriends to find you, but it is also great place to reconnect with people. I will save that for another day, but just a teaser: I had a grade school reunion while I was back in detroit. Stay tuned, I'll write more about it soon. It was a HOOT.

Back to the post: May 2, 2010. I originally started this post on East Sunday, and really the time has flown, and whirred by me...Like I said before, I do think about this ol blog a lot. I mean to sit down and write, but usually, 20 other things get in the way. So, back to the catch up. I've mentioned before on here that I have a sister that died from complications of Cystic Fibrosis. I've also mentioned on here that my best friend, also has the disease, and is preparing to be listed for a double lung transplant. Fundraising has begun, and Larry has thrown his hat in. He is trying to lose weight for better health, so he decided to tie losing weight into raising Deb some cold hard cash. For the next 90 days, for every pound he loses, friends and family have pledged a dollar. It's a win win! We're pretty excited about it. We bought a scale this weekend. Good news: Larry is down a few more lbs. Bad news: Frank weighs 15 pounds.

Friends in Singapore have agreed to help me raise money for Debbie many great ideas have been coming in, and I am so grateful. I'm really looking forward to these next few months, and seeing how much we can raise. Being so far away is hard, but having this to focus on has been great. I will likely use this blog as an update place, so check back to see how Deb is doing.

Visitors....we LOVE em. Anyone out there thinking about a visit to Singapore? We have the room, and would love to have you.

One of the hardest parts of expat life is hitting me square in the face this next week. My dear friend, Sarah, is leaving to go back to the states...this is my first time experiencing having a friend leave, and I'm pretty much in denial. I think it will hit me for real when I go to call or message her for a last minute lunch in little india, or a pedicure. She and her husband have been very good pals to Larry and I, and they will be missed so, so much.

Thanks for those of you that still check this blog, and for the gentle nudges. I'm listening.

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Debbie said...

Welcome back to blogland! I already knew most of what your wrote but still enjoyed the we just need some pictures! :-)

Demented but happy said...

I love your blog! I may even have been inspired to get off my backend and write up my own!

I know you'll miss Sarah and I've already told you that i can't even begin to imagine how I'll feel when the day comes for you to go home - but in the meantime - if you need a replacement pedi buddy - I'll be there xx

Leone said...

superb post - as usual - Pam.

The last bit gave me the tears though, yes, one of the hardest parts of expat living is the goodbyes. In a little over three years I have said goodbye to a few and it does not get any easier... it is part of this itinerant life we lead. Even with Sarah going it leaves a huge lump knowing we are saying goodbye once again, then two weeks later we are saying goodbye to Annie ...

These goodbyes leave a huge emotional hole on our hearts.

we struggle with this and nothing helps, it just takes time .. and you are so right. Thank God for Social Networking sites such as FB.